Sea Walls: Artists For Oceans. By PangeaSeed Foundation.

Pangea Seed Foundation in collaboration with several Artists and Muralists from around the world brought with it Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, an urban art project that conveys the message of conservation and care of the oceans, taking it to the streets around the world.

In 2017, the city of Cancun was fortunate to receive six great artists and muralists, including:

1. Curiot

2. Phrase SF Honghikuri

3. It’s a living

4. Lauren YS

5. Mateus Bailon


Those with each of their techniques, unique styles and compositions, were responsible for giving life and color to a variety of walls and buildings in the most popular areas of Cancun.

Like these majestic works of art we can find countless murals around the entire city. Unlike graffiti, these works are a contribution to Mexican culture with greater impact.

Each of these artists seeks to convey the message of their culture and their roots, adapting to the current situation and what better way to do it in this incredible way.

Cancun City Tour takes you to know these great works in all its routes.


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